Hillshade tile server

08.01.2019   ::    topic: Programming

When you are hiking, cycling, skiing or do any other activity in mountain area, it is useful to have map that gives you overview about terrain. Clasic way how to provide this overview in 2D map is adding contour lines. For fast overview and good-looking map is great to add even hillshades.


Statistics of OSM Scout for Sailfish OS

21.12.2017   ::    topic: Programming

For those who don't know this project, you can get details on OpenRepos entry.

In December 16, it was exactly one year after I released OSM Scout version 0.13. This version added map downloader that allows to download offline maps directly from the phone, instead of running non-trivial import job on computer. Such functionality in application would be useless without any backend serving already processed databases from raw OpenStreetMap data. After one year of maintaining this server and preparing updates, it is time for small retrospection.


Tree model with Silica components

22.12.2016   ::    topics: Programming, Sailfish OS

When you have Qt data model representing tree (QAbstractItemModel), you can use TreeView component when you are creating UI with QtQuick.