Sailfish OS and memory

07.11.2021   ::    topic: Sailfish OS

Battery in my lovely Jolla C starts dying slowly, so I bought Sony Xperia 10 II and flash Sailfish OS on it, as soon as it was possible to buy license for this phone. Xperia 10 II is the best and newest officially supported phone by Jolla. Support of this hardware was pretty buggy at the time of the launch at May 2021. I'm suffering by suboptimal memory configuration especially. Xperia 10 II has 4 GiB of RAM (it is twice as Jolla C, four times as Jolla 1), but system behaves as it is under constant memory pressure, when multiple memory demanding applications are opened. Like web browser and my OSM Scout (maps). System is aggressively terminating applications running on the background to keep some memory reserve. It is frustrating when victim is music player and you have to start it manually again. It is much better after system release 4.2 at September 2021, but it is not optimal yet.